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The Cultural Committee of Tignano, in collaboration with the Town Union of the Chianti Fiorentino area and the patronage of the Tuscan Region and the”Citta’ Metropolitana” of Florence are organizing the 29th edition of the Tignano Festival for the “Ambiente e l’Incontro tra i Popoli” (Environment and Meeting among Nations).

There will be concerts, shows, and moments of reflection on peace and the environment at the Castle of Tignano from Sunday, July 3 and Sunday, July 24.

Sunday, July 3, at 9pm: the festival opens with “L’olio tra jazz e poesia” (Olive oil with jazz and poetry), a dinner show accompanied by readings by the actor, Giovanni Guidelli, and the music of the band, Tornaround Quartet. Price: 25 euros.

Thursday, July 7, at 9:15pm: debate, “Il senso della vita e della morte” (The meaning of life and death), with the theologian, Vito Mancuso. Free entrance.

Saturday, July 9 at 9:15pm: meeting, “La pace in noi, la pace nel mondo” (Peace in us, peace in the world”), with Professors Andrea Antoniani and Cristina Hreniuc. There will be classic Indian dance with traditional costumes. Free entrance.

Tuesday, July 12 at 9:15pm: “Dante e il sufismo” (Dante and Sufism), edited by the Eastern specialist, Maria Soresina, with mystical dance and music. Free entry.

Thursday, July 14, at 9:15pm: the writer, Mauro Corona, will collect the “Premio per l’Ambiente” (Environmental Prize) and will present his latest novel, “La via del sole” (The way of the sun). Free entrance.

Tuesday, July 19, at 9:15pm: concert, “Dentro la musica” (Within the music), by Giovanni Pecchioli with dance performances by the G. Rossini School and the dance corp, EFFEDanza of Empoli. Entrance: 10 Euros.

Thursday, July 21, at 9:15pm: meeting/debate on the retraining of historic centers for the planned unions of the towns of Barberino Val d’Elsa and Tavarnelle. Lead by Paolo Gianni, with the presence of neighboring mayors. Free entrance.

Sunday, July 24, at 9:30pm: the conclusion of the fourth edition of InCanto Tignano, final concert with opera singers from all over the world. Free entrance.

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