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Who will eat more meat than Fragolino? Everyone in Mercatale Val di Pesa, suburb of San Casciano, is asking this question, on the eve of the contest that will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, when the best meat eaters of Chianti Steak will be on stage.

“Il Campionato della Bistecca” (The Steak Championship) is one of the most delicious conmpetitions of the territory, enriched by the success of previous editions. Competitiors will return to Piazza Vittorio Veneto for a difficult task: the 5th Italian Championship of the Beefsteak, promoted by the Township of San Casciano with the support of ChiantBanca.

It is here that the contestant who eats the largest amount of Chianti meat will win. Last year the medal went to Maurizio (nicknamed Fragolino), who, in an hour, devoured 3.442 kilograms of steak, breaking all records.

“The event”, comments Councilor Roberto Ciappi, “offers a rich program of events that go from the preparation to the cooking of the meat combined with musical performances, to  a space reserved to the master grillers who will reveal the art and the secrets of grill cooking”.

These are the stages of the itinerary for who wants to reach 1st place. 1. Buying:the steaks can by purchased in the local butcher shops (Agresti, Tozzetti, Coop Mercatale). 2. The scale: the exact weight of each steak will be determined by antique scales. 3. Cooking: the master grillers will prepare andreveal grilllng secrets to hundreds of people, locals and tourists, desiring to learn the art of grill cooking.

The final segment is the great feast! Friday and Saturday, the grills will light up at 7pm. Today evening, starting at 9:30pm, soulkind Acoustic Duo will accompany the event. Saturday, starting at 6pm, will see the acoustic “Evasioni” in concert. The butchers of Coop, Agresti, Tozzetti as well as the local farms, shops and associations of Mercatale helped promote the event.