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Premise: the hints we will give you are both precise and generic. They are neither complete nor current (that is… in these days when some mushrooms are growing, it isn’t certain that you will find them here!).

In any case, we wanted to give a little overview on these natural products that are found in the area of Chianti Classico. We are not speaking about Chiant Classico wine or extra virgin olive oil. We are speaking about… mushrooms, specifically porcini, “ovoli” and “gallinacci”. There are also others.

Of course, we don’t reach the levels of Maremma, Casentino, or Mugello, but you can also find mushroom “happiness” in the woods of Chianti.

Which woods? We can give you some hints based on the personal experience of mushroom hunters of our zone. But then, like in so many things, trying can’t hurt. You must always pay attention to certain basic rules, both for the type of clothing to wear (resistent but light), and for the company you keep (never go alone!).

Okay… here is a bit of advice. For chestnut woods, you can’t go wrong… the woods of Lucolena in the township of Greve in Chianti. For oak woods there is a larger area: in the township of San Casciano (the woods of Biscondola, near Mercatale, the woods of Scopeti, along the road that leads to Sant’Andrea in Percussina), plus the woods of Badia a Passignano and Chiostrini. The forest of San Piero in Sillano, along the road that goes from Valigondoli towards Panzano, is also valid. Happy (mushroom) hunting!