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We would like to give you a dinner suggestion. Nothing fancy, no tableware, but some of the most beautiful scenery in the Florence Chianti Classico area.

The place is San Casciano in the gardens of Piazza della Repubblica, commonly known as “il Piazzone”, where children play and residents hang out.

Every Monday it holds the weekly market. On Friday, from 6pm on, it is the reign of Mannino (Andrea Mannini) and his followers.

Mannino owns the food truck that brings delicacies to local towns and markets. On Friday he returns home to San Casciano for dinner. He is always very busy.

Porchetta is the main dish, soft and delicious. You can have it with crust and/or fat that melts in your mouth (if you don’t want it, you don’t know what you are missing).

Lampredotto is served in its classic version (basted in broth), green sauce and spicy sauce, (great with a good glass of wine or a beer), in a stew or in other ways. (Lampredotto is the 4th stomach of the cow!).

You can also eat a classic “Bomba” sandwich with tuna, peeled tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper and pickles, only found in San Casciano.

You can taste everything while chatting with Mannino near his truck or on one of the seats provided. Or you can enter the gardens and arrive at the top of the Piazzone, facing the countryside with a beautiful view of the Pesa Valley. Panorama, sunset, Lampredotto, beer, wine: happiness!


Matteo Pucci