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Hoping that the storm has passed … in the Piazzone Gardens, in San Casciano, until late this evening, Sunday, June 12, you will find “Street Food Village”, with food and street food.

For the 6th consecutive year Street Food returns to the Piazzone with the perfect pairing of Chianti Classico wines. There will also be wines from areas represented by the various types of street food as well as IPA beers… something for everyone. The list of products…


Tuscany –  Chianina Hamburger, Fried potatoes Tortelli from Casentino (Ar)

Puglia – Torcinelli – Scagliozzi

Lazio – Porchetta from Ariccia (Rome)

Campania – Naples Fritto misto

Marche – Ascoli olives and mixed fried

Abruzzo – Arrosticini and Hamburger sheep

Tuscany – Fish-Food

Tuscany – Fried “dell’aia” (vegetables, chicken, rabbit and fried Lampredotto)

Sicily – Bread and “panelle”, bread “ca ‘meusa”, Arancine, Cannoli and Cassatine

Campania – Tornado Potato and Neapolitan pastry

Tuscany – Chianti’s Fagotto

Tuscany – Gnocchi with truffles and other products

Tuscany – Lampredotto, Tripe and Tuscan tipicity


USA – American Food

Greece – Souvlaki, Greek Salad and Gyros pita

Spain – Paella and Tapas