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Monday morning in San Casciano, in the gardens of piazza della Repubblica (il Piazzone) with the magical scenery of viale Garibaldi; Thursday morning in piazza Matteotti, in Tavarnelle; Saturday morning in Greve in Chianti.

What are we talking about? The three weekly markets in the townships of Chianti Fiorentino, probably the largest around. Over the last few years they have been transformed, following new tendencies, but deep down they have always maintained a traditional soul, especially regarding the food sector.

The San Casciano and Tavarnelle markets, since they take place during work days, are primarily for locals; the Greve market, due to the location and weekend day, is more opened to tourists; those who stay for a short or long period.

The type of public also influences what is offered. Finally, like in everything else in life, each of us has his own tastes and preferences. But we still want to ask you a question; which of these markets do you prefer?