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Sandro Berni is overwhelming when he speaks about his kitchens: you can see that they represent a challenge (already won), a world of technique, design and creativity.

It is a world that Sandro is creating as director of “Ask”, in Sambuca, transformed from a company that made do-it-yourself kitchens to a masterpiece, at the vanguard of the kitchen sector.

And to think that all was born from a particular “orto” (vegetable garden). He tells us that “with our kitchens we gave a shock to the entire sector. In three years: first with the presentation of the cucina-orto (kitchen-garden), then the aerodynamic kitchen inspired by a sports line, then this year’s evolution with“aerodynamic connect created together with Bosch, who chose this project for us”.

Sandro Berni’s story is unusual: “I started from zero. I was left back twice in middle school and started to work at 15. I worked at “Ask” with my father until i was 19. Then I quit to go work in the cycle sales sector. I particularly love motorcycles.I have a grand passion for technology, passed on to me by my father”.

Sandro was one of the youngest in Italy to open a large motorcycles sales business: “After only 6 months I started to make money  (a unique occurence), but kitchens were calling”.

He decided to answer in his own way: “I began studying design, choosing the source most adapted to me, one that combined technique with creativity. I chose a Florentine school, and while I was studying I returned to work for Ask, creating a list of clients. At that time the company had passed from do-it-yourself to a middle model”.

But it wasn’t enough for Sandro. There is prospective and healthy ambition in his mind. He unites production, design, creativity, commercial aptitude and marketing: “The turning point was 2013, when I made a project for my first fair in Florence. With the “cucina-orto” the public understood the change. Everyone appreciated it; from user to architectural studies. There was also the advantage that instead of bringing our product around Italy, people came directly to us. The following 2 years, with aerodynamics and aerodynamics connect, we always went in this direction”.

Sandro explains while we visit his company: “My advantage, is that I know how all of the machines function having worked on them since I was young. If I meet with one of our workers, we speak the same language. I like to see that today, they too are discovering a future different  from a traditional world”.

“Ask” is in a developmental phase: our offices and showroom have all been renewed. There is something new in the air, movement: i  am getting work offers from all over the world – Sandro concludes with a smile – I recently refused to direct one of the largest production houses of appliances in India. Others have asked for consultation. I am seriously thinking about it: I would like to speak with youngsters, to tell them that you can leave the traditional paths and find your own way. You need hard work, commitment, passion: but it can be done”.

Matteo Pucci