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“Historic firm since the year 1837”: thus reads a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce. It hangs on a wall in the Antica Macelleria Consortini in Tavarnelle.

“Antica” is the key word; its history has deep roots in the distant past, when, more than 3 centuries ago, the family opened 3 shops: in Tavarnelle, Poggibonsi and Volterra.

The first business, passed on from generation to generation, is still in existence in Via Roma 130, in front of the church of Sant’Anna.

It incarnates the trademark of this traditional family of butchers: excellent quality. Leonardo, 75 years old and proprietor together with Gianni Nonmeneavviddi, reflects on the family tree that his father created.

It was lost during the war and Leonardo is still looking for old documents to recreate the history of an important part of the town.

“The first butcher shop  was founded at the end of the 1600s”, he recounts. “The slaughter house was next door; public slaughter houses didn’t exist yet. Down 17 steps, the basement was used for refrigeration”.

“My grandfather Emilio bought one of the numerous taverns of the era and, n 1890, moved the shop to its current location. After my father Antonio, I took over the business and i am now  celebrating 60 years on the job”.

“I am found under the category of merchants”, he says”, but although I also sell poultry, frozen food, cheeses and canned goods, I consider myself an artisan: we take the whole animal, butcher it and prepare ready-to-cook meals”.

“We get cold cuts from the entire pig”, concludes Leonardo. “Sausage, soprassata and salame, (mixed with a little beef)…our specialty. We also produce salted meats: prosciutto, spell and “pancetta””.

“We use simple preparation with few but excellent ingredients” adds his young partner Gianni. “I completely agree with the principle of the Consortini butcher shop and will be proud to carry on its name”.