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Since 25 years Khosrow Salehi, artist of Iranian origin (or better persian origin as he likes to specified) he paints watercolours depicting the Chianti from every side and perspective. In Piazza Matteotti, the heart of Greve, he exhibits in his art gallery “Civetta Gallery” along with countless pieces of art and antiques that attract the attention of tourists and art lovers.

He lives in Italy since 46 years, where he had arrived in the ’70s and then he has gone to study in England. “It was in fact all very fortuitous – he tells – because I should just pass by here instead I remained in Florence, where I completed my architecture studies”.

Khosrow, which is an Austrian citizen by marriage with a woman from Vienna, he has had a real flash of inspration about Chianti, he still believes that is a single territory unparalleled in the world. “It’s like a drug – he says – if you are able to be on the same wavelength of this region and its citizens you can’t leave anymore.

He explains with painter’s words of great technique and experience and Chianti lover that here there are unique elements for art: there are lines, colours, lights that are uniques. And above all there is an architecture based on the nature. “It is a man-made nature – he adds – there are vineyards that have become all one with the landscape, the cypress trees also planted with precise functions, to mark the boundaries. It’s a very special mix “.

Chianti is Chianti“, he says with convinction and joking, but not too much, he adds: “It could become a state in its own, as Singapore, a sort of Black Rooster Chianti Republic where everything is based on wine, olive oil and tourism!”, of course regarding the flag he offered to invent and draw it.

Salehi knows every angles of Chianti, before arriving in Greve, at the beginning of ’90s, he lived in a house in Mercatale and he has owned up to a few years ago also a plot of land in the village of San Casciano.

The most beautiful spots to paint Chianti? Vignamaggio and Gabbiano Castle, he answer sure. From every angle, from every perspective, you can capture the breathtaking views.Just sit anywhere and you are in front of an immense beauty.”

Who was born and lives here doesn’t realize, thinks the artist. Who is immersed in the beauty often doesn’t notice what’s around his eyes. It’s like an habits, that maybe it doesn’t make you more shake for a detail. “It’s like being married to a beautiful woman – he concludes – whose beauty is perhaps most noticed and appreciated by those who doesn’t know her that from those who live with her everyday”.

Matteo Morandini