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In the photogallery that we publish here above, the signature Sunday, April 17, as part of the Verrazzano Day at Castello di Verrazzano (Greve in Chianti) the pact of friendship between the City (and the community) of Greve in Chianti and the Nation Lakota Sioux.

A signature signed in family owned Castle Cappellini (with Luigi Giovanni Cappellini, president of the Foundation Da Verrazzano, and his entire family), at the end of a conference (coordinated by the WeChianti managing coordinator Matteo Pucci) based on the figure of Giovanni Da Verrazzano, an anthropologist eager to know more than cun conqueror of worlds.

Affix it to the mayor of Greve in Chianti Paolo Sottani, the delegate of the Government of the Lakota Sioux Nation, Chief Leonard Crow Dog Wicasa Itancan Jr, Deputy Government Lakota Sioux Alessandro Martire.

One way to establish the proximity of the town Greve in the world of Native Americans, united friendship stipulated for years now with the US State of Delaware (also here with a large delegation): on issues such as peace, solidarity, environment, the harmony between the Chianti and native Americans … was spontaneously.