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It will be the ChiantiBanca Foundation to preserve and make accessible the precious Giacomo Tachis‘ personal library, the master of italian oenoligists, passed away on 2016 february the 6th, at the age of 83.

A donation, that of his library to ChiantiBanca Foundation, which Tachis concluded in 2012, signing all acts necessary right among his books. At home (in the photo the Tachis’ signature).

“He choose us – says Stefano Mecocci, President of ChiantiBanca Foundation – because he well known who we are and what we do for our territory, for the name and for cultural affinities too. And also, I like to think, because he was partner of our cooperative credit bank”.

More than 3,500 the books that composed his library, counted one by one by three archivists for one and a half month. With a careful cataloguing work, which was carried out before the donation.

“There are not only books about wine – explains Mecocci – There is all the life and knowledge of an high culture man. There are also all the folders that hold secrets, wine recipes that have made Giacomo Tachis famous: Tignanello wine, Sassicaia wine, Muffato wine too. From the research to the recipe, to the product. Also his unpublished works as the writings about vinegars or vinsanto”.

A real patrimony, a treasure left by Giacomo Tachis through the ChiantiBanca Foundation to whole the Chianti community and more.

“The intention of the Foundation – explains the President Mecocci – is the one to respect exactly Tachis’ last wishes. In particulary give the possibility to consult books: for thesis, for study or cultural interest. When we will finish the moving, that will start when the family will be ready to contact us, it will be possible to come at the Foundation upon reservation and consult the library”.

“We have also another idea to honor the memory of this extraordinary man – announces Mecocci – is the one to create three univeristy scholarships based on subjects related to oenology”.

“In fact with him we had agreed on three things: we had to give the opportunity to consult the library, put a plaque outside the Foundation to announce the presence of the library inside, organizing conferences and study days. All in his memory as a starting point for the future.These are our goals, to keep alive the gift that he has made to us”.

Matteo Pucci