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Colors and art for the revival of life in the Castle of Barberino Val d’Elsa.

The contemporary art collective “Donne & Fiori” opened its doors with the performance of the dancer-painter Roberta Saccocci.

The first of a rich program of events that will animate the historic Spedale de’ Pellegrini, in the heart of the historic center of Barberino, during the spring and summer.

Exhibition promoted by the Municipality of Barberino Tavarnelle and curated by the Operarte association, which blends the styles, talents and passions of nineteen different Italian and foreign artists, including painters, sculptors, mosaicists, illustrators.

The spaces of the fourteenth-century building therefore return to produce and host cultural events.


The artists on display are Cristina Andreini, Giovanna Baldini, Filippo Benci, Franco Berretti, Maria Antonietta Canalini, Alessandro Fedeli, Annamaria Foglia, Tiziano Lazzerini, Mirko Lepore, Maria Maselli, Stefano Mugnaioni, Renata Ornis, Anna Ranalli, Roberta Saccocci, Anna Serrini , Christiane Simond, Adolfo Straziati, Simona Tesi, Giada Ungredda.

The “Donne & Fiori” event, open until May 15, is an initiative that, in addition to showing the level and quality of the works created, celebrates the unity, the versatility of the artists who exhibit together and, while maintaining each their specificity, they are told with one voice.