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A place to be experienced as an open-air museum.

A path traced by over two hundred snapshots that celebrate the beauty, harmony, the millennial roots of the artistic and historical architectural heritage of Barberino Tavarnelle.

In the photographic book “Barberino Tavarnelle: an open-air museum” by Mario Bicchi, presented in the Pieve di San Pietro in Bossolo, there is all the love of man for his territory.

An invitation to walk, to try your hand at discovering works of art, churches, oratories and villages.


With this publication Mario Bicchi reveals himself as a narrator through images, sensitive and attentive to the details that describe Barberino Tavarnelle as an “open-air museum”.

The volume contains a large collection of images that offer a journey into memory and contemporaneity.

In which, in addition to the concept of space, the theme of time is masterfully expressed.