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There are many interpretations, many angles that reveal the suggestions of “Chiantissimo”, the rich container of contemporary art, the first post lockdown experience that the territory welcomes with all its love for art, nestled between some of the hills most beautiful in the world.

San Casciano, where there are prestigious names in the world of installation, such as Mario Merz, Mauro Staccioli, Roberto Barni, Perino and Vele, is preparing to host new generations of contemporary interventions.

Municipality and ApsAccaventiquattro association promote and organize the first edition of a widespread art project for the streets and symbolic places of San Casciano, curated by Davide Sarchioni, scheduled from 5 June to 5 September 2021.

“Chiantissimo”, a journey through eight works and four artists, characterized by different experiences, origins and languages.

Antonio Barbieri, the Antonello-Ghezzi collective, Simone Gori and Matteo Nasini, authors of site-specific installations for the places identified, rediscover themselves united in the creation of an experimental project.

In San Casciano, already home to public art interventions, the task of keeping their specificities together.

Antonio Barbieri gives birth to his own “sea creature” in the arena within the walls, the collective Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi relies on the cosmic time of the Clock Tower.

Davide Sarchioni with the curator Fiammetta Poggi

The intimate and spiritual area of ​​intervention chosen by Simone Gori is the panoramic terrace of the Chianti Tower, while that of Matteo Nasini is shown in all its evocative power on the Tower of the Niccolini Theater.

The event, an ever-evolving artistic process, extends and manifests itself in places in the area and offers a visit to the private collections of contemporary art in some selected locations: Villa Mangiacane, Fattoria La Loggia, Cantine Antinori.

The organization makes use of the collaboration of the Pro Loco and the La Dolce Gita natural shopping center.


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