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Last day today, Sunday, September 29, for the sixth edition of “Artigiani in Villa”, at Villa del Cigliano, a high-level artisan market, after the great turnout on Saturday 28.

Many artisans have exposed all their professionalism in the Italian garden and in the historic Villa del Cigliano, immersed in the countryside not far from San Casciano.

A special edition because it was dedicated to Niccolò Montecchi. To remember Niccolò not without emotions, it was Mesi Bartoli, who with Silvia Bogani and Valeria Bianchetti set up the exhibition at the time of the inauguration chaired by Anna Maccaferri Montecchi, the mayor of San Casciano Roberto Ciappi, the assessor Maura Masini, the president of the Italian Foundation of Leniterapia Donatella Carmi.

On the express wish of Anna Maccaferri for the assistance that the FILE Foundation gave to Niccolò, a counter was set up with the wines of the Cigliano company whose proceeds from the sale were entirely donated to the Foundation. In addition, a stand was also set up by the Voa Voa Amici di Sofia Association.

An unexpected number of visitors said we arrived at the Villa del Cigliano: the transportation with the San Casciano Misericordia shuttle with two volunteers was very appreciated, although many decided to leave the car in the industrial area and then take two steps among the rows of vines and olive trees.

Today, as mentioned, second and last day. All to enjoy on the last Sunday of September in the heart of Chianti Classico.

Antonio Taddei