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It will be a super edition this year for the “Boar Festival” (Sagra del Cinghiale) at the Chiocchio’s Circolo Arci: as many as 10 days in which it will be possible to taste the specialties cooked in the Circolo Arci on the Chianti hills.

Let’s look at them in detail, there are 14 appointments at the table, including lunches and dinners: Wednesday 24 April dinner, Thursday 25 April lunch / dinner, Friday 26 April dinner, Saturday 27 April dinner, Sunday 28 April lunch / dinner, Tuesday 30 April dinner, Wednesday 1 May lunch / dinner, Friday 3 May dinner, Saturday 4 May dinner, Sunday 5 May lunch / dinner.

Wild boar (obviously), but not only: appetizers, first courses, second courses, grilled … . The volunteers are all ready, the stove is on, the sauce is on the fire.

We also report some collateral events: Passeggiata della Memoria on Thursday 25th April at 8.00 am, from La Panca to Pian dell’Albero; Briscola Tournament in Couples Monday, April 29th at 8.30pm (rich prizes, booking by calling 3338553822 – 055 8572319).