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A double event, which every year attracts the attention and interest of citizens but also of the many tourists who start their “pilgrimage” in Greve in Chianti with Easter.

We are talking about the flight of “Colombina”, in Greve in Chianti, and the “Scoppio del Carro”, in the village of Panzano.

The “Colombina”, or the dove that “flies” to Piazza Matteotti with departure and return to the church of Santa Croce, will be held on Easter Sunday (21th April) around 12, or at the end of the Easter Mass.

If he makes his journey smoothly, it will be a sign of good luck.

In Panzano in Chianti instead the day to be scored is Tuesday after Easter, in this case Tuesday, April 23.

When the traditional “Scoppio del Carro” will take place in the square of the church of Panzano alto.

Also in this case we know a “colombina” that will be “lit”, and then return to the cart with fireworks.

And even in this case, if everything goes well and the chariot breaks out, the good luck will be confirmed. Otherwise… .