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Wine and cars, a perfect match. The first edition of Wine Cup Classic has been dedicated to the Chianti Classico region, which has been the scenic setting for this great classic car race.

People from every corner of Italy arrived in the Chianti to participate in this exciting event, that preserves the classic car culture with the help of the Tuscan landscape’s timeless beauty. This event was conceived by Riccardo Rosi, president of Altitude-Eventi.

Top drivers such as Sergio Sisti, Franco Spagnoli and Andrea Luigi Belometti took part in the race, which though not very long, was quite demanding.

It’s been a great success, considering the numbers and the positive reactions of the participants (as many as 48 crews for this 220 km race, 46 of which were timed).

And wine being the other important part of this event, a stop at Casa Chianti Classico was a must.

The participants had lunch in Radda in Chianti, in the magical setting of the former convent’s rooms: the refectory and the friars’ kitchen.

Alessandro Boletti and Giuseppe Pollio, who have been running the bistrot for a year, were very happy to have started the season in this way.

“We’ve got big plans for this year – says Alessandro Boletti – and we’re very happy about this first event of 2019 at the Casa Chianti Classico”.

Alessandro hopes that many events like this will bring life to the Casa Chianti Classico, and offer people a chance to enjoy it at its best.

Tourists, curious and local people can get ready for a season full of great events, and the Wine Cup Classica was certainly a perfect starting point.

Emanuele Grazzini