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Tuscany is one of the favorite wine destinations in the world. Enotourism is at its best here, not only because this region has a great number of top-quality cellars, but also for a variety of excellent services that have made the difference over the years.

The latest edition of the report on food and wine tourism written by the World Food Travel Association and the University of Bergamo – in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club – certifies the reasons for this success.

According to this study, many are the elements that justify the exponential growth of enotourism, above all the so-called “emotional” approach in which Tuscany is at the forefront. From the superb cellars to the exceptional wines, from trekking and horse riding among the vineyards, all of these offerings contribute to the region’s great success.

“Today tourists are looking for emotional experiences, and what our cellars have developed over the last few years represents a real model for Italy and the rest of the world,” explains the president of the Movimento Turismo Vino Toscana, Violante Gardini – in commenting on the growth that the report highlights, we can only agree on the fact that Tuscany is experiencing a very positive phase, thanks to the work done in our cellars”.

All these unforgettable experiences can be easily booked with a smartphone “because this is what the “millennial tourists” want, services that are easy to access and give immediate satisfaction. And we can offer all of this”, concludes Violante Gardini, highlighting the fact that now the target is no longer just the wine lover, but everyone who wants to visit the wonderful Tuscan landscapes while having different experiences.

98% of Italian tourists have in fact participated in at least one food and wine experience during a trip over the last three years, regardless of whether it was seaside tourism, mountain or business.

In the same time span, 45% have made at least one overnight trip that has had as main motivation a food and wine experience (they were 30% in 2017, and 21% in 2016). An increase of + 48% in the last year. Food and wine experiences are now part of the holiday of all types of tourists, especially for younger people.

Among the destinations favoured by international tour operators Tuscany stands out ( 72% of the tour operators considered offer Tuscany as destination) and Piedmont (59%).