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Every period has its own fashions and, in some ways, its extravagance: and these are usually reflected in investment trends. Yes, the world of finance is full of opportunities and innovations. A practical example?

The number of people investing in cannabis has recently increased. But we’re not talking about ‘weed’. We’re referring to the medicinal use of cannabis, which is becoming more and more popular everywhere, even in Italy, a country which is usually reluctant to make radical changes.

Here we look at how to invest in cannabis, the technicalities, the processes to follow and the current situation of the hemp plant market.

After more and more countries have made use of cannabis in medicine perfectly legal (and in some cases its recreational use is also legal), first in the USA and then all across Europe, its demand has grown exponentially.

And, as usual when the demand grows, the market value follows. Some people have compared this growth to the what happened with cryptocurrency, that has been a hot product over the past two years.

To return to cannabis, the only American market is currently valued at $ 5 billion. This is why investors have seen an opportunity and have started to invest in this product. But in what way? The best solution, and the most practical one, is buying shares in companies that grow or process cannabis.

All these companies are recording very high margins and profits, having chosen a sector which is still practically new, with few competitors.

Investors can buy these companies’ shares directly online, on one of the many online trading platforms. This is an opportunity to be seized, and also a sign that trends, both in our society and on the financial markets, are changing.