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In the US extra virgin olive oil is used to prevent heart attacks and other heart diseases, denying those who would like to tax it and brand it with warning labels.

This was announced by Coldiretti, in reference to the invitation published by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to indicate on its packaging that olive oil – containing at least 70% of oleic acid – has cardiovascular benefits unlike saturated fat, which is harmful to the heart.

“The US food health agency – underlines Coldiretti – suggests writing on the bottles that if consumers use half a tablespoon of olive oil, without increasing their daily calorie intake, it is beneficial for their health”.

“The FDA proposal represents – says Fabrizio Filippi, president of Coldiretti Toscana – a response to the alarmist labels and unjustified taxes that some UN countries are asked to adopt when dealing with foods considered dangerous for the health because they are rich in fats, sugars or salt“.

“This is an infamous stigma that favours artificial food products and – explains Filippi – unjustly affects the Made in Italy extra-virgin olive oil sold in various countries, such as Great Britain and Chile. Here the olive oil is labelled with warning labels, to discourage its use. Its unjust as oil has always been vital for the Mediterranean diet, and considered an elixir of long life”.