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Here’s the last stage of our “journey” among the olive oil experts. We’ve asked them to comment on the results of our survey, in which 66% of the 350 readers who participated said they prefer unfiltered olive oil.

One of the most authoritative voices in this sector, in Tuscany but also in all of Italy, is certainly the agronomist of Olio Dop Chianti Classico Fiammetta Nizzi Grifi.

“The survey – Nizzi Grifi begins- has highlighted that it’s still necessary to work on information and communication.The wine sector has taught many consumers to distinguish a good product from a bad product, and producers are still making joint efforts to teach people how to recognise a quality wine”.

Dop Chianti Classico: Nicola Menditto, Fiammetta Nizzi Grifi, Gionni Pruneti, Francesco Colpizzi

“The olive oil sector – she continues – has started to face these cultural aspects very late with respect to wine, and the results of this survey show us that there’s a lot of work still to be done. It’s not that surprising. Consumers have not yet had the opportunity to compare a filtered olive oil to an unfiltered one, obtained from the same olives and tasted at least six months after its production, so it’ s a normal response”.

“On the other hand – she concludes – it’s also true that in the last decade so much has changed, for example fewer transparent glass bottles are used. People are now using cans and even bags in boxes are becoming quite popular as containers for olive oil. Every form of cultural change is usually slow, and in regards to olive oil this is particularly true, because the voices of those who are committed to communicating the new knowledge in this sector are many, and all very important, but unfortunately they don’t speak with one voice”.

Matteo Pucci