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“I’m preparing myself, because appearing on a popular show like that will increase the number of people coming to my shop, so I put a few projects on hold to focus on my butcher shop for the beginning of next year…”.

This are the words of the famous Chianti-butcher Dario Cecchini, who in 2019 will most likely bring some more bustle to the village of Panzano in Chianti (Greve in Chianti).

He will in fact be the protagonist of an episode of Chef’s Table, Netflix’s popular and successful show. The fifth and sixth season will feature great names.

The fifth season will see: Cristina Martinez, Bo Songvisava, Musa Dagdeviren, Albert Adrià, the youngest of the Adrià brothers.

Cecchini will take part in the sixth season, together with Mashama Bailey (chef of the “Gray restaurant” in Savannah, Georgia), Sean Brock (has a great network of restaurants in South Carolina), Asma Khan (chef and owner of the Indian restaurant “Darjeeling Express” in London).

Technical skills, wit, entrepreneurial genius: the episode on Dario Cecchini is surely going to be sizzling entertainment!


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