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It’s a typical morning in the Chianti countryside: beautiful vineyards all around and the sound of a tractor going about its daily work.

While the gardener is taking care of the plants, everything is ready in the shop of the Castello di Gabbiano for the guests who are coming for the wine tasting.

The location is along the road that from Mercatale goes down towards the Val di Greve.

This morning six German tourists are coming here to savour history, culture, and a bit of country wisdom: all of it contained in a bottle of wine.

“Many guests who are staying at the caste like to round off the experience with some wine tasting – the organisers Simona, Briana and Niccolò explain – But there are also tourists who come from outside”.

The tasting is organised in the wine shop, or inside the historic cellars. On the table there are bottles of Chianti Classico Annata, Riserva, Gran Selezione. All the wines that make the Chianti Classico territory truly special, in the eye of the people that work at the Castello di Gabbiano.

You can also find two IGT wines (Alleanza and Dark Night), and also extra-virgin olive oil (Dop Chianti classico) and vinegar that has aged for ten years.

90% of the tourists who come here for the wine tasting are foreign: many come from the United States, Canada, and northern Europe.

“It depends on the time of year – say Briana, Niccolò and Simona – In Spring and Autumn we see a lot of visitors from Eastern Europe and Russia”.

The German tourists arrive, three couples of 70. First they get shown around the castle and the ancient cellars.

The journey continues to the shop for the wine tasting, where they find themselves surrounded by colours, smells and excellent flavours, the true essence of the Chianti Classico.