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Alessandro Boletti, Giuseppe Pollio and a great summer at Casa Chianti Classico.

They are the ones – the Convivium Srl – that this year will be managing the organization of events in the former Convent of Santa Maria al Prato, in Radda in Chianti. Alessandro Boletti explains to WeChianti all the details.

Alessandro, how do you get to manage the Casa Chianti Classico?

“Both Giuseppe and I are “Tuscan by adoption” and have a great passion for food, wine and the land where we’ve been living for several years, the province of Siena. Our friendship was born a few years ago thanks to Slow Food Siena, and in the winter 2017 we had the opportunity to propose to the Consorzio Chianti Classico our project for the management and relaunch of the Casa Chianti Classico”.

What are your goals? What are the strengths of your proposal?

“First of all we aim to provide, for all the food and wine enthusiasts (and everybody else too), a unique experience, thanks also to the charming setting of this former monastery. We want to welcome enthusiasts and experts, providing them with the tools that make a great tasting experience of Chianti Classico wines. But we also want to stimulate and intrigue the less experienced, showing them all the work and nuances that make a bottle of wine special, and illustrating the link with the territory: the sensory journey of Chianti Classico, the unique location of the ancient Franciscan monastery, the cloister, the splendid view of the vineyards and the hills. And the high quality food served at the bistro complete what we call the Casa Chianti Classico experience”.


Is there already a calendar for this summer? Something special? Specific events?

“The calendar for the Summer evening events is very rich and ambitious. We’ll organise aperitifs with music in the cloister, dinners with classical melodies, various concerts and theme nights like the “Guess what you’re drinking at dinner” event. On this evening the guests can bring their favourite wine from home and, once the different bottles are covered, they will be able to challenge themselves in a fun contest to recognize the features of the wines served at their table. The winner will be awarded a prize. The cloister and the ancient rooms of the convent become even more evocative at sunset and in the evening, giving these events a unique charm”.

What is the role of wine in your proposal?

“Obviously the wine, and in particular the Chianti Classico, has a central role at the Casa Chianti Classico : our customers have the opportunity to taste many different Chianti Classico wines, and have a complete panorama of the different facets and characteristics of this excellent product. The exclusive Enoteca del Gallo Nero is the perfect place for enthusiasts to satisfy their curiosity and deepen their research”.

Final tricky question: why should I come to the Casa Chianti Classico?

“In a nutshell, to have fun eating excellent food and drinking wines of the highest quality, to go on an emotional journey made up of sights, feelings and taste. To discover a territory and a very special wine designation. And also to learn some aspects of the Chianti history and culture in an engaging way, all in a fascinating ancient setting”.