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Federico Cerelli, enologist. He’s the “mind” behind the wines produced by Castello di Gabbiano, one of the largest wine estates in the Chianti Classico area.

Tell us about the Castello di Gabbiano and the Chianti wine…

“Two inseparable concepts, I’d say. We know for a fact that wine production was one of the farm’s major commodities as early as the fifteenth century (but there is reason to believe that wine was produced here even before that). It has remained so over the centuries, and today CdG, one of the oldest producers in the Chianti Classico territory, is also one of the most representative (with its 150 hectares of Chianti Classico vineyards)”.

What is the philosophy behind the Castello di Gabbiano’s wines?

“We want our wines to be genuine representations of our territory, and this is reflected in the style and the high quality standards. In the last 17 years we have directed all our efforts and investments into a modern and selective wine production model. We produce excellent grapes that guarantee the quality of our wines. And tastes have changed recently. Today the elegance of our Tuscan wines is appreciated by those customers that ten years ago used to prefer a more robust and woody wine (to which we were reluctant to conform, because it was not our style). Today we can produce a Sangiovese that fully expresses our territory, without modifying it with notes that don’t belong to it. The extraction techniques and the way wood is used have also changed”.

How would you say they fit into the Chianti Classico territory and designations?

“They’ve grown up with the Chianti territory, partly contributing to trace its very own history: Chianti Classico wine is the company’s major product, to which the company dedicates constant effort and investment. We’re aware of carrying on an important legacy, our designation which represents authenticity and an extraordinary, natural wealth”.

What are your target markets? Which ones deserve investments?

“North America is undoubtedly our most important market, where our brand is known and recognized by the majority of consumers. But we’re also approaching many other markets; we always follow the markets where Italian cuisine is growing, because our wines are best appreciated with food”.

What would you like to convey to those who open a bottle of wine produced by Castello di Gabbiano?

“A positive emotion, a pure pleasure. The feeling of enjoying something good. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy a glass of good wine! You simply have to drink it and like it, even if you don’t know its characteristics. Obviously, we’re flattered by the appreciation of the experts who recognize in our wine a clean, well-made product with an elegant style”.