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The Festa dell’Unità will be held in the Parco del Poggione in San Casciano from the 28th June to 15th July.

The Festival, organised by the local PD, offers various shows, music, political debates, plenty of food (every evening from 8pm the restaurant-pizzeria serves meat, fish dishes and pizza) and drinks (the bar serves aperitifs, cocktails, beer).

  • Thursday 28th June: the program starts with a meeting-debate with the Mayor Massimiliano Pescini and the municipal council.
  • Friday 29th June: “La fortuna si diverte”, show by the Chiesanuova theatre school.
  • Saturday 30th June: Fotonica “Party Cover Band”, pop rock dance music.
  • Sunday, July 1st: Ballroom dancing with Lidia Coci & Fabrizio Band.
  • Monday, July 2nd: “Effetto donna” (Women today) meeting-debate.
  • Tuesday, July 3rd: ASD Il Gabbiano gymnastics show.
  • Wednesday 4th July: concert of the San Casciano Music Academy.
  • Thursday, July 5th: Sanca’s Got Talent – “The Selection”.
  • Friday 6th July: “Guardiamo al futuro” (Let’s look to the future), meeting-debate.
  • Saturday 7th July: Colpa d’Alfredo Band, Vasco Rossi covers.
  • Sunday, July 8th: Sanca Rock Contest.
  • Monday 9th July: “Villaggio dei Balocchi”, a party for children and families. Tuesday, July 10th: Doctor Why, interactive quiz game (you can book a table). Wednesday, July 11th: Ballroom dancing with The Marea Orchestra.
  • Thursday, July 12th: Sanca’s Got Talent – “The Final”.
  • Friday, July 13th: Ballroom dancing with Silvia Blue Eyes.
  • Saturday, July 14th: “Notte prima degli esami”, final party D&J Brothers
  • Sunday, July 15th: Musical “Sherlock Holmes”, Compagnia Sganzisgatto.