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Nearly 30 million euros: this is the budget allocated to the Tuscan wine production chain for the restructuring and conversion of vineyards and the promotion of Tuscan wine in third-country markets.

As part of the “Ocm Vino” European funds, 18 million will go towards the vineyards’ restructuring and conversion for the years 2018-2019. According to an estimate, approximately 1.600 hectares of vineyards will be restructured.

An addition of 11.5 million will be invested in the promotion of Tuscan wine in international markets; the budget has grown considerably compared to last year (it amounted to 8 million euros), and this is because of the need to support our wine export in a phase of development and expansion of the markets (in 2017 the export amounted to just under 600 million EUR). Before the latter measure becomes operational, however, the Ministry of Agriculture must adopt the necessary actions.

The investments that are included in the financing are: the vineyards replantation aimed at the variety conversion (i.e. the possibility of replanting or grafting different varieties or changing the cultivation system), the restructuring (i.e. the relocation of the vineyard to a more favorable position, or implementing a different cultivation system within the same vineyard), improvement of the vineyard management techniques (such as leveling, terracing, retaining walls) and finally the installation of the irrigation systems.

All the interventions will have to be carried out over the course of two years beginning from the approval of the financing – October 15th 2020 at the latest.

Applications to access funding must be submitted by June 30th next to Artea, the paying agency of the Regione Toscana.

The maximum financing budget is 16 thousand euro per hectare, and cannot exceed 50% of the total investment cost. The minimum conditions required are that the vineyards have at least 3.300 plants per hectare, with a minimum area of ​​at least half a hectare.

This year, however, will be the last call for contributions for replantation authorization holders obtained from the conversion of replanting rights transferred from other entities or from the regional reserve. They can continue to exercise their right of replanting in the future, but they will no longer be able to access these funds from next year.