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Vignaioli di Radda, or Radda’s winemakers, have got the wind in their sails.

For the second year in a row, they have organized their private wine tasting dedicated to “insiders”. It was last Friday, before the Radda nel bicchiere Festival (26th and 27th May).

As well as other Chianti Classico wine producers’ associations – which have many years of experience – they managed to team up to jointly represent the production of the Chianti Classico wines in Radda’s territory.

It’s a good result, considering that their association was born just two years ago.

At Casa Chianti Classico they took stock of the situation, before presenting an interesting study comparing the Sangiovese from Radda and the Sangiovese produced in California. The study was carried out by Dr. Valentina Canuti.

The director of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium, Carlotta Gori, opened the evening: “I’d like to renew the Consortium’s commitment to take part in the events organised by the local winemakers associations. They must represent an added value and it will be so if we find common ground”.

“Each local association – added Gori – speaks of “its” part of the territory, but they are all part of the Chianti and share common interests. It’s interesting to see how everybody works, taking examples and sharing our views”.

“I’d like to confirm once more – these are the words of the mayor of Radda in Chianti, Pier Paolo Mugnaini – the municipal administration’s commitment to supporting you: our aim is the definition of the Distretto Rurale del Chianti (Chianti Rural District)”.

“Some misunderstandings are normal – concluded Mugnaini – when we’re trying to plan our future: if we limit ourselves, we limit future achievements. The Distretto will allow us to bring our voice directly to new locations. We’re building our future, enhancing the work and the products of the Chianti. We’re getting better at this, and stronger too”.

Roberto Bianchi spoke on behalf of the Vignaioli di Radda: “We’re happy that the debate on the areas and sub-areas of the Chianti territory is well underway. Local specialties are enriching the whole area”.

“The Vignaioli di Radda’s project – he remarked – is inclusive. Everyone is on the same level: to face future challenges, we have to join forces, ideas and experiences”.

“There’s something that brings us together – he concluded – the conviction that our agriculture must become more eco-friendly. What protects our territory are not the laws or bureaucracy, but the daily experiences of the winemakers and farmers. This is what motivates us”.

Matteo Pucci