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A grand opening is scheduled for Sunday, April 8th at 5pm, in the magical setting of the Castello di Gabbiano, along the road that leads from Mercatale to Greve in Chianti.

This is where the solo exhibition of English artist Elizabeth Orchard “Lost Worlds” will be hosted, showing her beautiful canvases and silks.

Born in the North of England, today the artist Elizabeth Orchard works between England and Florence, Italy.

With a background in fashion and design, Elizabeth has an instinctive sense of colour, texture and form. Her paintings evolve organically through a process of reflective experimentation.

Using acrylics and oil paint, she interweaves layers of pigments to create intense and dynamic canvases that tickle the viewers’ imagination.

Elizabeth has a fascination with the relationship between people and their surrounding space. When she creates commissioned works, she takes into account her clients’ home, furnishings, finishes and fabrics.

Elizabeth expresses her love for fabrics in her line of hand-painted silk scarves, which are unique and versatile pieces.

“Silk – says the artist – has its own essence. It takes a great level of concentration and control to transfer my creative vision onto it and I need time and patience to achieve the final result. But I love the challenge it brings me and the joy that my scarves bring to people. Each shawl is a signed work of art. Like moments in time, there are never two of the same. I think that this makes it extraordinary for every person who wears one, male or female”.

The exhibition opening will be accompanied by the musical improvisation on HandPan by Patrizio Castrovinci. Info: 055821053; 3346429535;