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The quality of olive oil produced this year in the Chianti Classico region is very high. And while farmers are still toiling in the fields harvesting the olives, the olive presses are running at full strength.

In the Frantoio Carmignani in via Pisignano, which boasts many years of artisan experience, everyone is also working at full speed.

This year many students from San Casciano’s schools have been visiting the olive press, and were enthusiastic to be offered a delicious “fettunta” (toasted bread with olive oil) and learn about how olive oil is produced.

The other day a class of students from the senior year of the Istituto Tecnico Statale Agrario “Ignazio Calvi” from Finale Emilia (Modena) also came to visit.

They were able to follow the whole production process, from the arrival of the olives at the press, and how they are made into oil.

Antonio Taddei