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“It was 2003 and I was having dinner in the countryside, with some friends. It was then that I was asked to look for a property for an American friend…”.

Marinella Coppi, real estate agent in Greve in Chianti, tells us how her journey started. A journey of research, and passion for beautiful things. An engaging journey, where a home is more than just a home.

Marinella Coppi

“This friend lived in Palm Beach,” continues Marinella, “her college girlfriends lived in Europe, and she had chosen Tuscany, the Chianti region, as that special place for their summer retreat”.

Marinella began her research: “It had to be an original and historic stone house – she remembers – They gave me some details and I started my research. After a few months, corresponding directly with the customer and carrying on the fieldwork, we were already at a good point”.

“We selected three properties to visit in December,” the story continues. “After three trips and nine months, we found a house with a deconsecrated church on the property. The church, which was in a state of total abandonment and was protected by the ‘Belle Arti’, was completely restored thanks to Kyle’s sensibility and economic means”.

“Today I still thank her – Marinella smiles – for believing in me, and for saving part of our artistic and cultural heritage”.

“A few years ago Kyle decided to sell – she continues – and the job of looking for a new owner fell to me. I wanted to find a person who shared the same passion and care for beautiful things”.

“And only after a careful selection,” she concluded, “Was I fortunate enough to find an English musician who immediately knew how to appreciate the spiritual feeling of that place. Besides, I can only do this job by dedicating myself with all my passion to meeting my clients’ requests. For me, they are the most beautiful customers in the world”.