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“Vino e Crediti”, (Wine and credits) is a workshop that starts in Tuscany – more precisely in San Casciano Val di Pesa – and will later reach all the other Italian regions.

It’s the first workshop of its kind, created by the Studio Giuri Avvocati in collaboration with Eurocredit, the leading company in the commercial information sector.

Lawyer Marco Giuri

The purpose of the workshop is to examine state of the art credit management systems in the wine industry sector. And to share experiences.

It starts in San Casciano, on November 29th in the Auditorium ChiantiBanca: at 9.30am welcome cocktail; at 9.45am greetings from ChiantiBanca; to 10am “Sharing as a Credit Management Tool”, speaker Carla Vollaro.

At 10.30am “Debt recovery in the Wine Sector”, speaker – lawyer Marco Giuri.

At 11am “Commercial data and sharing bad news”, speaker Carla Vollaro; at 11.30am “IRIDE, the only platform dedicated to the wine sector” (speaker Carla Vollaro).

At 12am “Experience in the field” speaker Fabrizio Panattoni (Marchesi Antinori Spa). At 12.30am participants’ questions and conclusion.