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November is the month of chestnuts and falling leaves, but it’s also that time of year when hair loss exacerbates.

No need for drama: it’s a physiological phenomena that happens every year in spring and autumn. So why not take the opportunity to take extra care of your hair?

If the hair loss is not persistent, but is the result of a seasonal renewal, there is no need to worry.

However, you can facilitate the regrowth and strengthen the hair’s structure by taking supplements, applying lotions and also by regularly massaging the scalp.

Head massage stimulates microcirculation, increases oxygenation and thus facilitates hair regrowth.

Whether it is a self-massage, or it’s done by a professional hairdresser, it takes only a few minutes to massage your head using specific lotions, oils or creams.

If done regularly, it also helps to reduce stress (one of the causes of hair loss) and gives a general sense of well-being. It’s a way to show yourself some love, and not just to your hair.

Maria Fanfani, ESPA manager of Castello del Nero


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