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This year nearly 2 million euro has been allocated to Tuscany’s viticulture. These extra resources are destined for the restructuring and replanting of vineyards, and this is thanks to the remarkable efforts made by the Regional Offices and Artea.

The funds came as a result of the redistribution of moneys that hadn’t been spent by other regions in the 2016-2017 campaign.

These resources will be useful for financing the initiatives of winegrowers, which have already been undertaken and not yet subsidized due to the exhaustion of the allocated budgets: the need to restructure vineyards and further improve the already high quality of wine is vital in Tuscany.

The additional resources (of 1.9 million euro) will increase the budget for vineyard interventions, which amounts, on average, to around 20 million per year.

The renewal and replanting of vineyards is very important for the entire Tuscan wine industry: the national support plan is targeted at farmers interested in not only replanting their vineyards but also carrying out actions to improve them, through the modification of soil profile, terracing, grafting, and the setting up or improvement of irrigation systems.