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She is Sabrina, Florentine by birth. He’s Ben from England. As a couple they’ve moved around a lot: living in London, Barcelona and today divide their time between England and Tuscany.

They’ve now turned their passion for Tuscany into an editorial adventure full of love: an online travel guide called “Love from Tuscany” (LFT).

LFT is an English-language travel website and blog that’s dedicated to Tuscany”, says Sabrina, “online since last December. The idea was born out of the desire to share the beauty and heritage of this amazing region and give valuable information and tips to visiting tourists”.

“I’ve worked for years in the tourism industry and Ben, who created LFT with me, has twenty years of experience as a copywriter in advertising agencies. He fell in love with Tuscany and I somehow rediscovered it with him. Together we went in search of special destinations, collecting stories and experiences: from a delicious sandwich with ‘lardo’ eaten in Colonnata, to the unforgettable sunsets on the Orbetello lagoon. The result is a true labour of love – a mix of curiosity, dedicated research and a lot of passion.”

“We want to inspire travellers, awaken people’s curiosity and communicate the uniqueness of this land. We like the concept of slow travel, promoting a more conscious tourism that takes time to appreciate places”.

“We try to mix local knowledge with Ben’s professional experience in the communications industry” she continues. “Our readers are mainly American, British, Australian, Canadian and Northern European. Knowing that they are appreciating the content is a great satisfaction to us. We write about scenic itineraries, museums, and authentic experiences, but also tips for those who are looking for somewhere more off-the-beaten-track. There are sections devoted to various interests, from art to culture, nature and food”.

“But let’s talk about the Chianti” which Sabrina admits is obviously one of the Top 10 destinations. “Tourists like everything related to wine and landscape, and there is a great appetite for bicycle tourism in our hills. We’ve dedicated some articles to San Casciano Val di Pesa – this small town’s museum is a real surprise – the hamlet of San Gusmè, and the Chianti Sculpture Park. We want to include less obvious destinations in our guide, and to encourage out of season tourism. It seems to us that the Chianti region has a lot to offer all year round, especially when it comes to culture and gastronomy”.

“We are always looking for new stories” Sabrina tells us, “We’re getting a lot of requests from all over the world – people planning their trips to Tuscany who want to know which are the best agriturismi, artisans and local guides. With the collaboration of local tourist companies that share our values, we think we can offer an interesting showcase for the wonders of Tuscany. ”

“One of our next projects is to promote local craftspeople. We’ve already met with a number of small businesses that are dedicated to keeping our valuable creative traditions alive. We’re very active on social media, which is an important part of tourism marketing and we are already collaborating with two American online magazines, which gives us great visibility. And it means we get to share our love for Tuscany with more people every day.

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