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The long, hot summer is finally over. We’ve enjoyed swimming, sun bathing and the tan that turns our skin golden giving us a healthy look. But now all of this is becoming a fading memory.

Now it’s time for the post-summer tips, and devoting some attention and care to your body has to be on the list.

A healthy diet to make up for the over-indulgence of the summer, some physical activity and a good skin care routine are a winning combination.

The exfoliating scrub is a simple treatment that does not take long to complete, but it’s perfect to eliminate anti-aesthetic tanning residues and at the same time to regenerate the epithelial tissue.

It’s a quick and effective treatment, that can be done on a regular basis at the change of season and it’s absolutely recommended after the summer. You can have it done in a wellness centre, or you can do it at home.

On the market you can find many products with various fragrances and textures… you’re spoilt for choices! I recommend you to try a natural scrub, made with “zero kilometer” products, prepared by mixing extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and lavender essence.

Simple, natural and efficient. The sea salt will delicately eliminate the dead skin cells and allow their regeneration, while the extra-virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants, will leave your skin soft and hydrated.

Lavender will help you relax as well as leaving a pleasing scent on your skin. Try it out!

Maria Fanfani, ESPA manager of Castello del Nero