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A magical night on September, Sunday 24th : of music and stars. A night that will be dedicated to Margherita Hack, the ‘godmother’ of the Osservatorio Polifunzionale del Chianti.

Ginevra di Marco will be present as special guest, Riccardo Pratesi will appear in the role of Galileo, and Marco Rustioni will tell interesting stories about his life with her.

All of this is “Aequinoctium”, another great event set up at the observatory on the Montecorboli hill, between Barberino Val d’Elsa and Castellina in Chianti.


Ginevra di Marco put on a show with Margherita to narrate “The Earth’s soul seen from the stars”, and during the evening we’ll see a video that will show us a bit of this work and will virtually bring Margherita Hack back amongst us.

After the songs, we’ll be talking about the sky and its wonders with Galileo, Marco Rustioni and Emanuele Pace. The great Marcon Telescope will be revealed to the public for the first time after its inauguration.

During the evening, there will be an announcement of an educational grant for a student of astrophysics at the University of Florence, thanks to the Rotary Club of San Casciano – Chianti.

Many surprises for a very special evening. Admission is free. You’ll be asked a contribution of € 5 per person for a visit to the Observatory and the observation of the sky with the telescope after the show. No reservation needed.