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From 6th to 8th October the second edition of “Il Classico” awaits all enduro and maxi-enduro enthusiasts to discover the most beautiful white roads of the Chianti region’s countryside.

For those who have discovered the pleasure of travelling by motorcycle in this scenic part of Tuscany with the event “Polvere e Gloria”, the “Classico” invites riders to take a step further, with a track which is a bit more technical- but can still be enjoyed by everyone on any kind of all-terrain bike. A track that at the finish will give great satisfaction both in terms of the landscape and the driving!

The start of the event is in Radda in Chianti on Friday: once participants have been checked in , there will be a convivial dinner with great Tuscan specialties, and the evening will be dedicated to a detailed review of the track’s road-book.

The main event is of course on Saturday, when the itinerary will take place. The track is nearly 200 kilometres long, half on paved road and half on unpaved white road, and will pass through the most secret and charming corners of the “Chianti Classico” territory.

One peculiarity of the “Classico” is that, a part from the main route, there’s a couple of “special tests”, which are reserved for the most experienced drivers. On Sunday morning we will go back to study these, and possibly try them, with the people that are interested.

Finally to seal the encounter, there will be a sumptuous toast in a cellar where this excellent wine, celebrated all over the world, is born; and given the fact that we are in the middle of the grape harvest period, you might even be able to take off your motorcycle boots to dive into a nice wine vat!

The participation in the “Il Classico” event is limited to a certain number of people and you must pre-register; there’s an accommodation booking service at the disposal of the participants.

For information: Andrea Leggieri: – ​​3934690651. Claudio Matteuzzi: – ​​335375925. Official website: