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Four musical performances will be staged in the church of the Santissimo Salvatore to welcome autumn in the spirit of solidarity.

The concerts are scheduled in Castellina in Chianti from September 15th to Saturday 7th October. It’s the new edition of “Autunno in musica”, the series of musical events organized by the association Amo Castellina with the patronage of the Municipality of Castellina in Chianti and the artistic direction of the maestro Paolo Gragnoli.

The four concerts are free, but you are welcome to leave an offer that will be donated to the Church of the Santissimo Salvatore. The money will go towards sponsoring a guide dog for the blind, in collaboration with the Chianti Lions Club.

The first concert was last Friday, September 15th, dedicated to the opera “Il piacere della lirica”. On Sunday, September 24th, there will be the concert “Il Violino Virtuoso”, which will feature the performances of violinist Ladislao Pietro Horvath and pianist Fabiola Nencini.

Sunday 1st October, at 9:15pm, will be the turn of “L’opera di Mozart in Centrifuga: Quartetto d’archi dell’ORT, Orchestra della Toscana. Farfalloni Amorosi”, with the voice of Alessandra Morellato; the violins of Alessandro Giani and Susanna Pasquariello; the cello of Stefano Battistini and the viola of Stefano Zanobini.

The closing act of the event, on Saturday, October 7th, at 6:30 pm, will be the concert “Europa Barocca”, with Johanna Lopez Valencia and Martina Giannetti, on the bass viol; Giulia Guerrini and Matteo Tripodi, on the viol; Marco Baldini on the cello; Marco Lorini, on the double bass and Alessio Casinovi, on the harpsichord.