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By executing the European rules on Apiculture and the special national program,  the Tuscan Region, through deliberation by the junta, has approved actions related to the 2017-2018 campaign, with the aim of improving the production and commercialization of Tuscan honey during the three year period, 2017-2019.

According to the last census, relative to the year 2016, there are more than 92,000 beehives in Tuscany which produce different types of honey depending on the flower.

The regional production is renowned as being varied and of highquality. In harmony with the European regulation concerning direct actions to improve the production and commercialization of the products of beekeeping, the measures put into action by the region aim to contribute to the improvement of the product by favoring the affirmation of local honey on national and international markets.

The sector is characterized by a multitude of small operators, many of whom are also in Chianti. Support measures foreseen by the region also contemplate information and training for relative personnel.

They are also evaluating the damages of the drought that this torrid summer is causing for the beekeepers. The bees, rendered crazy from the heat, not only can’t produce honey but can not even perform pollenization for agriculture included in the measures activated by the Tuscan junta, is technical assistance to beekeepers and their organizations, the battle against maladies of the beehive and the rationalization of the transhumance.

The Tuscan region has put aside around €445,000 for this program. In addition to wanting to facilitate the transmission of information regarding the fight against the Varroa destructor and other diseases that affect the sector, the Region wants to  aid honey production of higher-quality.

For this reason they want to give incentives for the acquisition of beehives and facilities which help with the rationalization of the transhumance.