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The second “Cena in Terra di Berardenga” (pictures by Alessandro Maggi) was a success… as an idea, for its organization, as well as for the quality of a territory with its products and main actors.

The dinner took place in Piazza Marconi in Castelnuovo on Thursday, August 10. We take a look at the results with Katy Cherubini, coordinator of AssinFesta which is part of a group of organizations, Chianti Classico wineries in Berardenga, Slow Food Siena, restaurants and gelaterie, and the township, all of which made up a compact group.

“Satisfied? I would say so,” she answers, “very much so. We are growing and want to improve. For the first three editions three restaurants from Castelnuovo and 12 wineries of Chianti Classico Berardenga participated. This year the events included four restaurants and the number of wine producing businesses increase”.

“This dinner,” she continues, “must become a special appointment for all of those who love our delicacies. Those who participate know that they will have the pleasure of tasting special dishes prepared by our chefs, chosen to enhance the best products of our territory. The wine growers had the opportunity to let people taste their best wines while choosing a perfect match to the dishes presented. Everything took place in an elegant festive atmosphere offered by our community”.

Katy Cherubini is sure about the strong points: “In the first place I would put the volunteers; the men and women of Castelnuovo who represented a perfect organization, the synergy created between AssinFesta and local institutions, all of the people who, like me  believe in this project and love their territory and its excellences. Where can we improve? By giving value to culture. In addition to the good food and the best wines we have artists and artisans of an exceptional talent”.

“After this wonderful experience,” she says,“I feel I can confirm that my town, Castelnuovo, has great potential; many thought that uniting the associations who, after all are only people, in a common intent was impossible. Iinstead, we have proposed three important events over the last three years like Christmas markets in December, dinner in the Piazza in August and Mardi Gras in February. Everything is concentrated in our Piazza Marconi, the heart of Castelnuovo”.

“It is enough for me to think,” she concludes, “that things work in Castelnuovo after all. And therefore, with all of our defects, perhaps they are our good points which prevail”.

Matteo Pucci