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Sunday, August 6, features trekking and good food in Castelnuovo Berardenga,  with the “Medieval ring” with farm breakfast organized by the GEB (Gruppo Escursionisti Berardenga).

The itinerary has been offered by the Gruppo Escursionisti Berardenga on many occasions and becomes magical and teases the appetite with the first light of day.

That is why they got the idea to serve a country breakfast at the end of the course: cold cuts, panzanella, grilled beef, sweets, water and wine.

The meeting place is 6 AM at the little house above the “Badia”, where the meal will take place. To arrive: exit at Colonna del Grillo from the superstrada Siena-Bettolle, take the provincial road for Ambra and turn left at the first fork (Badia Monastero, not to be confused with Monastero D’Ombrone).

Departure is scheduled for 6:15 AM after receiving the ticket for the meal: 12 euros for members and 15 euros for non-members. The trail is 10 kilometers long and suitable for all.

Since it is an excursion, the following are obligatory: trekking shoes, abundant water and a snack.

For organizational reasons, only 50 people can participate. Sign up here. Info 3358710598.