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Maria Fanfani is the Spa Manager of the Castello del Nero, the one who leads and coordinates the activities in this paradise in the heart of the Castello del Nero, in Tavarnelle.

Maria, like many of the more than 100 workers in the structure at the doors of Tignano, lives nearby. Maria lives in Noce, a small suburb of Tavarnelle.

This part of Chianti has represented much for Maria: a new house, a new life, a new challenge: “I arrived here by chance, not to be Spa Manager,” she tells us, “but as a receptionist. I have always wanted to work in the field of beauty and wellness. I decided to take this step and leave my previous field”.

Al centro, Maria Fanfani

In the middle, Maria Fanfani

In other words, she closed the door with courage. And, as often happens to those who have the courage, a new door was opened: “For me, this structure was a life choice,” she continues.

“I arrived with much enthusiasm. A series of coincidences, and perhaps passion, brought me to be the head of reception of the spa in a year. The year after, I became responsible for the wellness Center”.

This is a story of professional growth and continuous learning, while progressing within the company. These are stories that don’t often happen traditionally in our businesses.

“Ours is not a beauty center,” she explains. “It is based on relaxation of the person, both physical and mental. When you enter here you pull out the plug and are pampered and wrapped up in the process: entering the treatment cabin and reaching the apex of well-being, forgetting about time that passes and what occurred before we entered”.

“We take care of personalization,” she continues. “Each guest receives a different treatment. Before beginning we ask the client to fill out a consultation card. There are questions asking what the person we have in front of us needs. This includes even the music and colors in the booth. We have treatments in a dimension suspended in time and space”.

More than 10 people work here; people dedicated to greeting, the booths, keeping order in the center. Everyone here also speaks English. The rest is done by the Castle.

“There is a type of territorialization of the spa,” says Maria. “The project for this space was planned by ESPA, undisputed leader on an international level for five star luxury hotels. Everything was thought-out for this location, from the windows which open up to the outside to the colors to the treatments. For example, there is a treatment using lavender grown in our gardens or rosemary from our herb gardens. There is also a signature treatment: a scrub with salt and rosemary and a massage with extra virgin olive oil produced at the Castello del Nero, warm, infused in lavender”.

There is relaxation room, a woman’s program a man/woman program, dressing rooms, 10 treatment rooms, for a total of 1.000 square meters.

“We are open seven days a week from 10 AM to 10:30 PM. For our wellness program we have an “emotional” shower, gentle sauna, an aromatic Turkish bath and a jacuzzi and gym. You can enter the wellness “course” from outside (35 euros) as well as for treatments”.

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