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There is a “bridge” of art between Chianti and Japan. On Friday, July 7, at 5 PM, at the Museo di San Francesco in Greve in Chianti, the inauguration of a show entitiled “Gemelli in Arte” will take place (till July 12). 7 Japanese artists from Greve in Chianti’s twin city, Ushiku City, will be present.

“This experience of artistic exchange,” says Sarah Del Giudice, who arranged and prepared the show assisted by Alessandra Molletti, “is taking place thanks to an invitation I personally received last year to participate as the first foreign guest at the celebrations for the 30 years of the Mostra d’Arte Contemporanea organized in the city of Ushiku”.

Sarah Del Giudice went to represent Chianti know-how: her family “Fonderia” (foundry) has been a leader in artistic artisanship in our territory for decades.

“Thanks to professor Nakamura and to the Township – she says – I was able to have a unique experience. In the 5 days I was there, I met many people and got to know a new world. I was greeted with extreme hospitality. From there, the desire to deepen this tie was born; to share the knowledge of this land and its people with the Greve population”.

Last June 30, the Japanese delegation, guests in Chianti, had dinner at the “Fonderia”: “We hosted 24 Japanes tourists in our workshop. I immediately wanted to start a cultural exchange tied to art: I quickly had a positive response to the proposal to organize an art show with the artist of Ushiku, from both the Mayor, Paolo Sottani, and the Japanese artists. Seven of them, coordinated by professor Nakamura (docent of “Fonderia” at the University of Tzukuba), accepted the invitation. They will bring the works of art in their suitcases”.

“The artists will be presented during the inauguration of the show,” Sarah explains. “Each of them with their own language and their own art will bring a taste of Japan to Greve. There will be sculptors of bronze and wood, painters who use varied tecniques, and those who work with glass, as well as an excellent calligrapher. Two of them will give a demonstration of applied art during the evening. It will be fun and interesting”.

“For the occasion,” she continues, “with the Fonderia, I have decided to present the artists and their works with a small catalogue, created by me with the help of two graphic artists”.

“To conclude the exchange,” she announces, “with a study group on artistic fusion and Italian “cera persa” arriving from Japan, the day following the inauguration of the show, we will hold a convention tied to this antique craft which my family has been practicing for more than 3 generations in our workshop. There will also be 4 professors from various Japanese schools and universities present”.

“I think that this experience,” concludes Sarah, “like all experiences of cultural and knowledge exchange, will bring an emotional and cultural enrichment to many. All of the people who came and will come adore our territory: and this is a reason to be proud”.

Matteo Pucci