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Sunday, June 25, at Villa a Sesta, the event, “7 Note”, returns. The second edition of the event begins at 10 AM and will continue throughout the day.

SetteNote“Yoga in piazza” begins at 10. The Matineè Musicale with Duo Violino and Clarinettois is at 11.

There will then be theatre and food/wine tasting beginning at 1 PM. “Lo stravagante viaggio del Dottor Giacomino” and “Cristina con i suoi forni solari….” are the theatre offerings.

Tasting of foods prepared with solar cooking and the wines of the Azienda Agricola Villa a Sesta will be featured.

The afternoon continues with a belly dancing show at 4:30 PM, followed by theatre and “Un libro può… Mikela e i suoi Puppets”, in search of lost dreamers.

There will be a musical moment at 6 PM, with 2 sopranos and a guitar.

The day will conclude with a musical “aperitivo” at 7:30 PM with the “Quintetto di clarinetti”.

The evening ends with desserts prepared with solar ovens and spumante in the piazza.

The artist, Clelia Busillo, will exhibit all day, along with artisan workshops in the rooms of the Quinquatrus and outdoors.