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ValleCintoiaAn itinerary among the castles of Mugnana, Sezzate and Cintoia, passing over medieval bridges and through the remains of the Roman road: a path which holds the possibility of studying historical, cultural and naturalistic aspects of the territory and the potential of the area.

Departure is scheduled Saturday 17th, for 4:30 PM from the Castello di Mugnana (Strada in Chianti) with arrival around 7:30 PM.

At the arrival, you will be able to enjoy sunset with a suggestive panorama accompanied by a musical exhibition.

The path is easy, even for children. Afterwards, you can remain for an outdoor dinner prepared by the volunteers of the Association Tiravento (dinner reservations are required). All are invited to participate.

Info and reservations: Stefano 3387888401 – Simone 3394831597.