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Tavarnelle remembers its roots an an antique passageway for pilgrims, travelers and merchants, and returns as a vital commercial and cultural meeting place.

The evening lights are turned on and the historic center of the Chianti town prepares to welcome the summer, inviting you to dance among music, events and food and wine tradition.

Piazza Matteotti, via Roma, via Naldini, and piazza Cresti shine under the star and will be illuminated by the shop windows of the “natural” shopping center of Tavarnelle,”Di Bottega in Bottega”.

It’s time for “D’estate di Martedì a Tavarnelle”, with an ample billboard of events which will animate the city every Tuesday from 7PM to midnight, with markets, musical performances, grilled steak and traditional dishes, artisan stands, photography and contemporary art.

It will be a summer filled with shopping and the chance for visitors and locals to see the summer face of Tavarnelle “by night”.


The events, characterized by around 10 appointments will star Tuesday, June 13, until Tuesday August 15.

They are promoted by the Ccn of Tavarnelle in collaboration with the Township, Pro Loco, and the Officine Creative del Chianti. In addition to the special store hours, there will be many events drawing people to the historic heart of Tavarnelle.

During tonight’s opening, there will be a concert by the workshops of  Jazz-Pop-Rock of the Officine Creative and a circus workshop, “Costruiamo il circo insieme”.

The Coro Gospel will animate piazza Cresti, Sant’Anna and piazza Matteotti on June 20. The month concludes with an exhibition by the  Big Band Group . “Our band will help you dive into music”.

Events continue into the months of July and August as per the program.