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With passion and the desire to improve, a new interpretation of “wine by the glass” has built its success.

“Wineemotion” from Barberino Val d’Elsa placed second on a Financial Times’ list for its increase in billing between 2012 and 2015.

“Wineemotion” created an automatic dispenser for still wines (red, white or rosè). But that’s not all. The “Bartender” for whiskey and other alcoholic drinks is also in vogue.

It allows the drink to be poured fresh. It holds seven bottles and adapts to any form. One for champagne will soon be out. The item is now available in various places and also can be acquired by individuals.

The pourer is available in numerous models, meeting every need. It holds 2,4,5,6 or 8 bottles with various combinations of wine types.

It is enhanced by an avant garde technology. Temperature control, dosage and the product itself guarantee quality, waste reduction and extreme precision.

“I was the first to market the dispenser on the international level,” says Riccardo Gosi, from Greve in Chianti.

“I began in 2002, working for a company which I marketed in the entire world. Wanting to continue the project, in 2012, my partner Fabio Frasi and I gave life to “Wineemotion”, made up of a staff of 7 people who produce entirely in Italy. Currently we are growing by 300%”.

“For Expo 2015,” he remembers proudly, “we were the official supplier for the ‘A taste of Italy’ pavilion. We featured 162 wine dispensers and 1300 high quality Italian wines. Numbers for Guinness!”.

“We are available in 25 countries,” he continues, “with Argentina and China as new entries. We sell 95% abroad, mainly in the USA. However, we are very proud that business in Italy is growing”.

“Thanks to our system,” he explains, “restaurants can pair food and wine, hotels can offer a class to their guests, supermarkets can let customers taste a wine before they buy it, and you can taste a glass at a wine bar or test it in an “enoteca””.


“The dispenser is a big marketing tool,” he says. “it gurantees that the wine is perfect and money is well spent. What’s more, it allows a taste of a wine that would be prohibitive from a bottle; that is why I call it a “democratic” system”.

“Finally,” concludes Gosi, “one can choose his own tasting itinerary, without pressure to buy from a salesperson, which might make the customer uncomfortable”.

Noemi Bartalesi