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United for the territory, to stay together and promote a zone of Chianti Classico with special characteristics: the first event of the “Vignaioli di Radda” (Winegrowers of Radda) at the Convento di Casa Chianti Classico in anticipation of “Radda nel Bicchiere”, was a great success.


The atmosphere sparkled with smiles, desire to collaborate and recount and tell about oneself. “This is an important event,” said the mayor of Radda, Pier Paolo Mugnaini, “because the directors and actors are the producers. It is a valid method for communicating the fruits of their labor. I like the name “I Vignaioli”. It maintains the concept of the production tied to our territory”.

It is a known fact that in all of Chianti Classico the various zones are working to promote a name for themselves: Panzano, Lamole, Montefioralle, San Casciano, Castellina, Gaiole.

There are associations sprouting spontaneously everywhere that Chianti Classico is produced. “And the Consortium,” remarked the general director, Giuseppe Liberatore, “strongly believes in the renewed sense of ‘association’ among the wineries. To integrate, at the local level, our activity: it is an interesting phenomenon which I hope will continue in the future”.

Speaking for the “Vignaioli”, among others, was Roberto Bianchi of Valdellecorti: “We are facing a collaboration never seen before among the wineries of Radda. We created this together, among all of the companies which produce wine in this historic heart of Chianti”.

“Among the Vignaioli of Radda,” he specified, “the awareness of having a strong but fragile territory has been reinforced. It is the fruit of the labor of generations, from farmers to businessmen. It is a territory which is also fruit of a vision, dedication and foresight of present and past administrators: of love and passion for a strong but delicate land. It is a long story of love and challenges which which are concentrated in today’s wines”.

The mini-conference about the territory of Radda in Chianti was exceptional, starting with the agronomist, Andrea Frassineti, who knows every hill and stone in these valleys. “Radda has 1700 inhabitants,” he explained. “30% of the residents work in the fields and wine cellars”.

“A few more than 30 companies are involved in agriculture. 21 are organic, and we have 700 hectares of planted surface area (many between 350 and 450 meters, some as high as 600 meters) for a production of 3 million bottles. Many are small producers, having between 5 and 10 hectares”.

“In Radda,” he concluded before the wine tasting, with a “horizontal” tasting of the 2013 vintage and the whites of single wineries, “we make wine of the territory tied to an environment which makes it immediately recognizable. There are components of a vast area, anthropic components (history of the location) and individual choices. Here, everything unites thanks to hard work and passion”.

Matteo Pucci